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Have you tried the game of lawn bowls? A challenging outdoor sport that anyone can play, especially on our fast green where it is all about finesse and concentration and not strength. Great team camaraderie in a lovely natural setting. Most games are mixed male and female. Come join us for a complementary introductory game. For more information call: 831-275-0028


Club Member days Tues, Thur, Sat & Sun

Draw times May 1 thru October 31:

Tues-9:30am, Thurs-12:30pm, Sat-12:30 pm, Sun-12:30pm
M-W-F by reservation 1-3pm

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, whites are optional on draw days and whites or team colors are compulsory for tournaments.

Call the club at 831-278-0028

Try the game of bowls on a World Class Green

One of only two artificial greens in Northern California, the Santa Cruz Bowls Club is situated in the San Lorenzo Park of Santa Cruz, behind the Paradox Hotel on Ocean Street.


A 120 foot by 120 foot grass or artificial grass surface constructed of a well drained compacted substrate layer leveled to within 1/8" level every ten foot of surface where the bowl when rolled upon the surface travels at a specific speed to meet world standards for tournament play





Ever wonder how your bowls are made? Here isa video by Taylor Bowls of Scotland, in business since the late 1800's.

How Lawn Bowls Are Made

making bowls





Using Proper Hand Signals

Members Gary Luttringer& Christine Palochak put together a video training aid for using proper hand signals.

image of hand signals




Upcoming Events


May 5 - Cinqo de Mayo

Club Pairs Tournament - Thru June


Friendship Games

May 4 - Sunnyvale

May 18 - Santa Clara



2022 San Jose Classic-Mixed 2 Bowl Triples

Two teams from Santa Cruz played well in the San Jose Classic on April 30 & May 1. It was a mixed triples 2 ball format with 14 ends for the first 5 games and 18 ends for the last 2 games. Rachael, Jesse and Gustav with 5 wins and 2 losses took 3rd place and a nice purse. Christine, David and Aumao finished in 6th placewith 4 wins and 3 losses. Well done all!



Rachel, Jesse & Gustav

Aumao, Christine, David


2021 Club Singles Champion - Aumao Toalepaiali!

2020 Singles Champion Gustav Guysin (right) presents 2021 Singles Champion Aumao Toalepaiali with the new and rather flashy Club Singles Trophy

After a very closly contested finals match between Auamao and Jesse May on December 16, the game was decided on the last bowl of the third set. Spectators certainly got their money's worth!

Jesse & Auamao


Summer Sizzle Mixed Triples Tournament - San Jose

On July 24th & 25th the San Jose Lawn Bowls Club hosted a mixed triples tournament featuring 14 teams of some of the better bowlers from throughout the Bay Area. It was a demanding format with three games per day, each split into two sets. Santa Cruz sent two teams to compete consisitng of Rachel Marcuson, Jesse May and Larry Murphy on one and Christine Palochak, David Sievert and Aumao Toalepaialii on the other. Both teams did very well with team one finishing in seventh place and team two in second!

From Left to Right: Jesse, Rachael, Christine, Aumao, Larry, David






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